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Champaign-Urbana is located at the intersection of interstates 57, 72, and 74. Bloomington is about 50 miles to the northwest on I-74. Springfield is about 90 miles west on I-72. Indianapolis is about 120 miles east on I-74. To our north, about 135 miles on I-57 is Chicago. Mattoon and Charleston are about 50 miles South on I-57, with Effingham a bit further.

Leonhard Recreation Center

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The new Leonhard Recreation Center is at 2307 W. Sangamon in Champaign. This is just to the west of Jefferson Middle School on the south side of the street.

Dodds Park Launch Site

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Dodds Park is on the north side of Bradely Avenue just east of Parkland Junior College in Champaign. If you enter the Parkland campus from Bradely you will see the park and its parking lot to your right. Where we set up for our launches will always be dependent on the wind direction. Usually we fly on the soccer fields in the southern part of the park and set up somewhere near the parking lot, but occasionally we are elsewhere. From time to time we fly on the northern part of the park near the baseball fields. In this case we would be parked along the east-west road through the park that leads to the Mattis entrance.

Construction Reroute

There will be construction taking place from May 22 to June 19 on the Parkland College entrance from Bradley Ave. and the access road to the soccer fields parking lots. We will have to assess the situation for each of our 3 launches during that period. Here is a map showing the likely construction areas (in red) and the suggested route and parking areas (in yellow, lots B3 and B4). map to Dodds Park

Springer Cultural Center

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The Springer Cultural Center is at 301 N. Randolph in Champaign, IL. This is at the north-west corner of Church and Randolph. I-72 becomes University as it comes into Champaign and you can follow this to Randolph and then turn north. Alternately take the Neil St. exit from I-74 and drive south until you reach Church. Turn west on Church and then north on Randolph. Park in western half of the parking lot on the north side of the building off of Randolph and enter on the west side. Randolph is one-way going north.

Flatville Launch Site

map to the Flatville site


The launch site is on the northeast corner of the intersection of county roads 2300 N and 2100 E, about a mile due south of Flatville, Illinois.

Start by entering eastbound Interstate 74 at any of the Champaign or Urbana interchanges. Proceed east 8.1 miles past the Cunningham Ave. (U.S. 45) interchange to the St. Joseph exit, #192.

Turn left at the exit and drive 6.6 miles north. You will be on County Road 2200 E. At the intersection of CR 2300 N, turn left (west). The launch site is just ahead (0.4 miles) on the right (north) side of the road.

NOTE CAREFULLY: The intersection of CRs 2200 E and 2300 N is entirely unmarked, and hard to see until you are immediately upon it! As shown on the map, it is a "T" ending with CR 2300 N on your left. Note carefully the distance from the St. Joseph exit and SLOW DOWN as you approach the turn location!

For those with GPS navigation equipment, the launch location is at 40.2172 N, 88.0601 W.

Rantoul Launch Site

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We'll be launching in the field south of the airport.

From the south take US 45 to Chandler (south border of the old base). Turn east, drive about a 3/4 of a mile to Century (Eagle on the map). Turn left (north) on Century, about 1/2 mile to Coon Ave. Turn right (east) on Coon, the equivalent of a couple of blocks until it intersects Hallberg. We'll be somewhere within sight of that location, probably somewhere along Hallberg St. between Cupernell and Coon Ave.

From the north you can take Century south past the airport to Coon or Cupernell.

If the wind is from the east we'll be on the east side of the field. Instead of turning onto Century, continue on Chandler until it turns north as Perimeter Rd. We'll probably be a little way inside the airport access gate.

Monticello Launch Site

Area map

map of the Monticello site

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