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Gary Buck Memorial Flight Award

It has been said about Gary's rocket flights that they were either spectacular successes or equally spectacular failures, but always spectacular in some manner or other.

In honor of Gary's memory we have decided to declare the most spectacular flight at GARLO each year to be a Gary Buck Memorial Flight. This page will list the winners of this award for each year starting with 2009.

Year Flyer Rocket
2009 Chris Deem Bullpup 12D on an H242T
2010 Lon Westfall Transonic II on an H999
2011 Chris Deem Mean Machine on a G80T
2012 Gus Piepenburg Bomarc on an H194
2013 Chris Deem Bullpup 12D on an H123W
2014 Mark Joseph Wildman Jr. on an H999
2015 Chris Deem 29mm Snitch on a G25W
2016 Chris Deem Bigger Brute on an H268
2017 Chris Deem BATFE Special on 8 E9 motors
2018 Chris Deem Spoolin' Around on an H180W
2019 Gary Slater Nora 2 on an H550
2020 Jake Hyde LOC 3" Magnum on 3 F67 motors
2021 Chris Deem Ivan's Big Brother on 7 E9 motors

Some pictures of Gary

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